05-26 Sub-Committee Meeting

We had a small group gather to piece the top together, and we couldn’t be more proud of the girls.  (I will probably express the exact sentiment after they quilt it next month . . . and I will mean it just as much.)  We never dreamed the top would look this fabulous.  Seven girls with minimal sewing experience, and different ideas, plus three moms, all came together to create something quite beautiful.  Here’s what happened:

  • Mrs. T programmed her fancy machine to add TheSquid’s desired quote:  “TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE” on the Forgiveness block.
  • Live and learn!  One or two of the blocks were a tad short of the 12.5×12.5 inches unfinished size.  Therefore we trimmed the majority down to 12×12 inches.  However, one block (the schoolhouse) was still a bit short horizontally, so we added a muslin strip on one side.  We also added a blue button as the doorknob because we found it in our supplies.  Why not?
  • The rows were distributed and the green strips were added in-between each block and the seams pressed.
  • The rows were then sewn together and of course the seams pressed.
  • Next, we divvied up the work:  one sewed green strips together with the red blocks, one pressed, and one sewed on the sashing between each row of blocks.
  • We carried this method into adding the outside borders.
  • Finally, we used the leftover green, to make binding strips for the outside.
  • Finally, we chose a backing fabric.  While there was not a unanimous love for the fabric, we agreed that it has several benefits:  it is historical looking; it blends with the reds and greens in the quilt; it will hide the imperfections of our quilting stitches; and no one will see it anyway!

At our next meeting, each girl will hand-quilt at least one of her blocks.  The plan is to quilt around the outside of the square block and around the outside of the major designs in the block.  Each girl has access to one of her blocks on the outside of the quilt.  As for the inside blocks?  Well, let’s see how it goes!

We agreed on the final layout . . . AGAIN!

We agreed on the final layout . . . AGAIN!

Quilt Top with Inner Sashing

Quilt Top with Inner Sashing

Quilt Top with Borders Added

Quilt Top with Borders Added

Does It Look Nicer When Pressed?

Does It Look Nicer When Pressed?

A Peak at the Backing Fabric

A Peek at the Backing Fabric

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One thought on “05-26 Sub-Committee Meeting

  1. Anonymous

    You girls really did an awesome job. This is beautiful.

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